Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty

In-Home Care and Staffing Services You Can Rely on

Staffing Services:

NR Professional Staffing Services offers Nursing, Aide, and Sitter services for medical facilities and offices throughout the state of Kentucky and compact states for nurses. We are a lifeline for hospitals, nursing homes, MD Offices, etc. when they find themselves in a situation where there isn’t enough staff to cover their patient census. We offer per diem and contractual agreements that would best suit the needs of the particular facility.

Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty
Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty

Our staffing division draws in nurses, aides, and sitters that love variety and the opportunity to expand their areas of expertise. The contractual agreements allow a nurse or aide to work in a professional setting for typically an 8–13 week time frame with a possible renewal at the conclusion. Some nurses opt to take on a contract somewhere else, at renewal time, for the variety of work experience. The per diem shifts allow for complete freedom for the nurse, aide, or sitter to basically work when they want to, again, with a variety of work experiences.

Our staffing division has the outstanding benefit of automatic weekly deposit into the employee's account. If the employee doesn’t have a bank account, we will set something up for them to make this benefit work. Our field staff, in our staffing division, LOVES this benefit!

Whether you work for a facility that needs help with staffing or you are a professional caregiver, we would love to hear from you!

Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty

In-home Infusion Services:

In-home infusion services are an excellent opportunity for our patients to receive their infusions at home by a highly skilled registered nurse. Our mission is the enhancement of the quality of life through the delivery of healthcare at home by skilled professionals striving for excellence. We offer a comprehensive specialized home care service available throughout the state of Kentucky by professionals committed to helping their patients reach their highest level of care.

Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty
Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty

What a better way to deliver such compassionate care than in the home of a patient while giving them a better sense of a more complete physical, mental, and social status. Providing such autonomy to our nurses has given our patients a more respectful way of making decisions and choices that affect their care. As we provide our comprehensive and compassionate care throughout our Commonwealth, we are always looking to add highly skilled Registered Nurses to our dedicated and essential team.

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Private Duty:

Nr, Inc. offers Private Duty, one-on-one care in the home for individuals that need help temporarily or longer term, depending on their circumstances. Families often call us when they are at their wits’ end and don’t know where to turn. We have the solution. Our caregivers love taking care of people and have chosen this path as their life work. They will pamper and spoil your loved one to the best of their ability. Some of the services we offer in Private Duty are:

  • Personal Care
  • Respite
  • Safety precautions (prevention of falls or other accidents)
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Errands (grocery, pharmacy, transportation to doctor appointments, etc.)
  • Meal preparation (cooking, serving, and cleanup)
Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty
Medical Staffing Services, Infusion, Private Duty

We also offer Private Duty nursing care (RNs or LPNs) for patients that need more intensive medical care while recovering at home.

Our Private Duty Nursing or Aide care can be arranged for the time the patient and or family request it, up to 24 hours per day… or as little as a 4-hour block of time.

NR, Inc. is always recruiting for extremely compassionate caregivers for our Private Duty Division. We will only take the “cream of the crop” to care for our patients. If you are searching for a Nursing or Aide position that allows you to develop a caring relationship with your patient, private duty may be for you.

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