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As part of our safety meeting this month (October 2017), we discussed Driver Distraction and how to help prevent accidents.  Here are some tips provided to us from Summit, our Workers Compensation Provider, on how to avoid distractions while driving:

Before Driving
• Know where your vehicle’s controls are located so that adjustments can be
made without losing concentration on the driving task.
• Make sure all loose objects are properly stowed and secured.
• Adjust mirrors.
• Prepare in advance for needs (e.g., sun glasses, toll money, etc.)
• Make as many adjustments as possible (e.g., radio volume)
• Take care of personal hygiene (e.g., shaving, putting on make-up, etc.)
• Get sufficient rest.

When Operating a Vehicle
• Drive defensively – remember, you need to compensate for the actions of other
• Do not eat or drink.
• Do not read or write anything.
• Avoid smoking.
• Do not use communications devices (e.g., cell phones), except in an emergency.
• Do not engage in distracting conversations.

Take a Break
• If you feel your concentration is impaired, park the vehicle in a safe location and
take a break.